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"Devarana Journey" Eau de Toilette Collection 

The luxury Devarana Spa launches a new fragrances collection “Devarana Journey” featuring five fragrances from 5 of its most loved destination from past to present through the interpretation from Ploy Chariyaves, Devarana conceptual designer. 

Sunny, When in Kenya

Nairobi, the sun-kissed city in Kenya, is one of the destinations where Devarana Spa has made its mark. Safaris and African tribal atmospheres inspire us to select ingredients from local flora: African whitewood extract for its anti-bacterial properties, pink pepper for its energetic scent, bergamot for its refreshing citrus smell plus figs and red tea (rooibos), a unique herb growing in South Africa. All ingredients are blended to create a fresh scent of sunlit safari with a touch of vigorous joy, daredevil spirit, freedom and energy from the sun.

TRANCE, When in the Maldives

With unique natural beauty like atolls, ring-shaped coral reefs that encircle an island, creating shallow and clear turquoise water around the island, the Maldives is a dreamland for many travellers. Plunging into the deep-blue sea can wait as the relaxing ambience of the Pacific Ocean makes one wish to laze around and let time slip away. The balancing and calming scents of lavender and geranium, and the cooling and fresh sensation of peppermint and eucalyptus are well-blended with virgin coconut oil to create the smooth scent of the dream island. Yearning for a relaxing moment during the daily schedule, the soothing properties of all ingredients are just right to balance the mood, calm the mind and stimulate brain function.

VIVID, When in Guam

The stunning island of Guam, USA, in the Pacific Ocean near Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines is a beautiful island with a twist. Loved by tourists and spa lovers, Devarana Spa has been in Guam for many years. The peaceful charm of Devarana is like a harmonious garden in heaven on the robust tropical island. Sweet, fresh, juicy scents from tropical fruits like pineapple, lemon, mango and papaya mixed with blood orange essential oils, coconut and sandalwood make VIVID a smell of fun-loving spirits. Its vibrant character is like pink bougainvillea or paper flower, the official flower of Guam. The flower’s striking colour makes a sharp contrast to the green coconut tree on the flag of Guam. 

BUONGIORNO, When in Italy

Devarana Spa once operated in a six-star hotel with a view of Florence in Tuscany, where we would see a beautiful garden dotted with potted yellow lemons. Screaming bright-yellow lemons are cultivated on the ridges of the rolling hills along the southern slopes of Amalfi and Sorrento, where the fresh, clean air is filled with the fragrances of lemon, orange and aromatic herbs like basil. BUONGIORNO, an Italian friendly and cheerful greeting, which literally means “Good Day”, is the name of the eau de toilette created from all those fantastic scents that will strike your mind to the smell of the fresh, crisp air of an Italian coastal town. The four main ingredients used to represent the clean scent of Italy are essential oils from lemon, basil, petitgrain and orange. All ingredients will stimulate freshness (basil), energy (lemon and bergamot leaves) and balance (orange). A particular wine extract, with its detoxifying and antioxidant properties, adds the final touch to the sparkling-clean scent that best portrays a dazzling trip in and around Italy.


Inspired by Tri Bhumi Phra Ruang, an ancient Thai literature in the Sukhothai era, Devarana is a beautiful garden in heaven with a glittering pool and sweet fragrances of various Thai flowers. A unique blend of Thai flowers like gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang, roses plus sandalwood, vetivert and rice ferment filtrate with its antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, gives DEVARANA GARDEN a sweet, clean and elegant scent.

“Devarana Journey” can be found at The Papersmith by The Booksmith, 2Fl., Gaysorn Plaza.   

Price: Available in 50ml at THB 2,100 and available in Box Set consists of TRANCE, DEVARANA GARDEN and VIVID at THB 5,200  

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